What are the Structure Summary and related pages?

Each structure in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) has a variety of data associated with it.

  • Primary data include information about the specific PDB entry - e.g., structural coordinates, sequences of biological macromolecules, information about any small molecules/ligands present in the structure, details about the experiment, authors and publication information, and experimental data.
  • Secondary data include
    • Information related to one or more components included in the PDB entry - e.g., functional and mutational information about macromolecule(s) from UniProt.
    • Organization and classification of one or more components included in the PDB entry - e.g., sequence and structural domains from Pfam, SCOP, CATH, and ECOD; molecular functions, cellular location, biological functions from Gene Product Annotations; and membrane annotations.

For each entry, the primary and secondary data are presented in a manner that can be easily accessed, visualized, downloaded, and analyzed. This presentation also allows you to use pieces of information to visualize it, integrate information from other bioinformatics resources, and/or query the entire archive for other examples like it.

This document describes how different types of information about an entry are presented on the Structure Summary and related page. It also describes how you can use this information to learn more about the properties, interactions, and functions of the specific molecule(s) being studied.

How to access the Structure Summary and related pages?

  • If you know the PDB identifier (PDB ID) of the structure that you wish to explore, you can access the Structure Summary and related pages for the entry by typing the PDB ID into the top search bar on the RCSB PDB home page.
  • If you do not have a specific PDB ID of interest, you can Search or Browse the archive based on various parameters to identify one or more structures that you may wish to explore. Click on the PDB ID of any entry of interest listed in the search results to open the Structure Summary and related pages including Structure Summary, 3D View, Annotations, Experiment, Sequence, Genome, Ligands, and Versions.

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Last updated: 11/19/2021