Crystal structure of autoinhibited form of AKT1 in complex with N-(4-(5-(3-acetamidophenyl)-2-(2-aminopyridin-3-yl)-3H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridin-3-yl)benzyl)-3-fluorobenzamide

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ChainsTypeFamily Name Domain Identifier Family IdentifierProvenance Source (Version)
ASCOP2B SuperfamilyPH domain-like8040941 3000134 SCOP2B (2021-05-27)
ASCOP2B SuperfamilyProtein kinase-like (PK-like)8062547 3000066 SCOP2B (2021-05-27)

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ChainsFamily NameDomain Identifier ArchitecturePossible HomologyHomologyTopologyFamilyProvenance Source (Version)
APF00169e4ejnA2 A: beta barrelsX: PH domain-likeH: PH domain-like (From Topology)T: PH domain-likeF: PF00169ECOD (1.6)
APF00069e4ejnA3 A: a+b complex topologyX: Protein kinase/SAICAR synthase/ATP-grasp (From Homology)H: Protein kinase/SAICAR synthase/ATP-graspT: Protein kinaseF: PF00069ECOD (1.6)

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ChainDomainClassArchitectureTopologyHomologyProvenance Source (Version)
A2.30.29.30 Mainly Beta Roll PH-domain like Pleckstrin-homology domain (PH domain)/Phosphotyrosine-binding domain (PTB)CATH (4.3.0)
A3.30.200.20 Alpha Beta 2-Layer Sandwich Phosphorylase Kinase domain 1CATH (4.3.0)
A1.10.510.10 Mainly Alpha Orthogonal Bundle Transferase(Phosphotransferase) domain 1CATH (4.3.0)

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PF00069Protein kinase domain (Pkinase)Protein kinase domain- Domain
PF00433Protein kinase C terminal domain (Pkinase_C)Protein kinase C terminal domain- Family
PF00169PH domain (PH)PH domainPH stands for pleckstrin homology.Domain

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ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
RAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinase

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ChainsDrug Target  Associated Disease