RCSB PDB Advisory Committee

Recognized experts in fields, including but not limited to, structural biology, cell and molecular biology, computational biology, information technology, training, outreach, and education serve as advisors to the RCSB PDB. These scientists are drawn from both academia and industry (Terms of Reference PDF).

2023 RCSB PDB Advisory Committee Meeting Photo

2023 Meeting

The current members of the RCSB PDB Advisory Committee include:

Past members have included Frank Allen (CCDC), Edward Baker (University of Auckland), Manju Bansal (Indian Institute of Science), Judith Blake (The Jackson Laboratory), Stephen Burley (SGX), R. Andrew Byrd (National Cancer Institute), Jack Chirikjian (Georgetown University), Paul Craig (Rochester Institute of Technology), Juli Feigon (University of California Los Angeles), Nobuhiro Go (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Barry Honig (Columbia University), Andrzej Joachimiak (Argonne National Lab), Robert Kaptein (Utrecht University), Sung-Hou Kim (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Ann Palmenberg (University of Wisconsin Madison), Anthony Pawson (Mount Sinai Hospital), Seth Pinsky (MDL Information Systems), Andrej Sali (University of California, San Francisco), David Searls (GlaxoSmithKline), Jill Trewhella (The University of Sydney), Judith Voet (Swarthmore College), Cynthia Wolberger (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), Cathy Wu (University of Delaware).

RCSB PDB also receives advice from the Training, Outreach, and Education Working Group; the wwPDB Advisory Committee; and wwPDB Working Groups for PDBx/mmCIF and ModelCIF.

Annual Meetings