PDB Data Distribution by Experimental Method and Molecular Type

Molecular TypeX-rayEMNMRMultiple methodsNeutronOtherTotal
Protein (only)161,98812,70112,3472027432187,344
Nucleic acid (only)2,7601251,47914314,382
Oligosaccharide (only)110610422
Total 182,69718,99514,1852327937216,225

PDB Structures with Experimental Data

172,763 have a structure factor file
11,482 have an NMR restraint file
6,015 have a chemical shifts file
3,995 have NMR unified data files (NEF and/or NMR-STAR format files)
18,515 3DEM maps were used for the determination of 18,729 PDB structures

PDB Structures with Small Molecule Data

164,084 with any non-polymer small molecules
162,594 with non-polymer small molecules of 100-300 Da
56,192 with non-polymer small molecules of 300-500 Da
38,481 with non-polymer small molecules of 500-1200 Da
32,872 with author-designated Ligand/s of Interest
4,438 with a biologically interesting short oligomer or oligomer-like BIRD molecules
11,777 with with branched entities of oligosaccharides