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ChainsTypeFamily Name Domain Identifier Family IdentifierProvenance Source (Version)
ASCOP2B SuperfamilyPYP-like sensor domain (PAS domain)8036124 3000471 SCOP2B (2022-02-25)

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ChainsFamily NameDomain Identifier ArchitecturePossible HomologyHomologyTopologyFamilyProvenance Source (Version)
AcNMP_binding_1e5va1A1 A: beta sandwichesX: jelly-rollH: Double-stranded beta-helix (From Topology)T: Double-stranded beta-helixF: cNMP_binding_1ECOD (1.6)
AIon_trans_2_1e5va1A3 A: alpha complex topologyX: Voltage-gated ion channels (From Topology)H: Voltage-gated ion channels (From Topology)T: Voltage-gated ion channelsF: Ion_trans_2_1ECOD (1.6)
APASe5va1A2 A: a+b three layersX: Profilin-likeH: sensor domains (From Topology)T: sensor domainsF: PASECOD (1.6)

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A PF13426PAS domain (PAS_9)PAS domainThis domain is found in many signalling proteins in which it functions as a sensor domain. It recognises FMN, Zn(II), FAD and riboflavin (MAtilla et. al., FEMS Microbiology Reviews, fuab043, 45, 2021, 1.
A PF00520Ion transport protein (Ion_trans)Ion transport protein- FamilyFamily
A PF00027Cyclic nucleotide-binding domain (cNMP_binding)Cyclic nucleotide-binding domainThis domain sensor domain can bind cAMP, cGMP, c-di-GMP, oxygen and 2-oxoglutarate (Matilla et. al., FEMS Microbiology Reviews, fuab043, 45, 2021, 1.

Gene Product Annotation Gene Product Annotation

ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
A Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 2