Matrix metalloproteinase-9

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UniProtKB description:  Matrix metalloproteinase that plays an essential role in local proteolysis of the extracellular matrix and in leukocyte migration (PubMed:2551898, PubMed:1480034, PubMed:12879005). Could play a role in bone osteoclastic resorption (By similarity). Cleaves KiSS1 at a Gly-|-Leu bond (PubMed:12879005). Cleaves NINJ1 to generate the Secreted ninjurin-1 form (PubMed:32883094). Cleaves type IV and type V collagen into large C-terminal three quarter fragments and shorter N-terminal one quarter fragments (PubMed:1480034). Degrades fibronectin but not laminin or Pz-peptide.
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