Reticulocyte-binding protein homolog 5

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UniProtKB description:  Essential for the invasion of host erythrocytes by blood stage merozoites (PubMed:18827878, PubMed:19000690, PubMed:22080952, PubMed:25296023, PubMed:25583518, PubMed:27374406, PubMed:28186186, PubMed:28409866, PubMed:31204103). By binding P113 at the surface of the merozoite and human BSG/basigin on the erythrocyte membrane, leads to the establishment of a tight junction between the merozoite and host erythrocyte membranes (PubMed:22080952, PubMed:25296023, PubMed:25583518, PubMed:27374406, PubMed:28186186). In addition, the interaction with BSG results in BSG dimerization which triggers an increase in intracellular Ca(2+) in the erythrocyte (PubMed:27374406, PubMed:28409866). This essential step leads to a rearrangement of the erythrocyte cytoskeleton required for the merozoite invasion (PubMed:28409866).
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