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RCSB PDB News ImageRead about the RCSB PDB, PDBj, and other molecular biology databases in Nucleic Acids Research’s 24th annual Database Issue.

The article The RCSB Protein Data Bank: integrative view of protein, gene and 3D structural information describes the new tools and resources have been added to the RCSB PDB web portal in support of a ‘Structural View of Biology.’ Recent developments have improved the User experience, including the high-speed NGL Viewer that provides 3D molecular visualization in any web browser, improved support for data file download and enhanced organization of website pages for query, reporting and individual structure exploration. Structure validation information is now visible for all archival entries. PDB data have been integrated with external biological resources, including chromosomal position within the human genome; protein modifications; and metabolic pathways. PDB-101 educational materials have been reorganized into a searchable website and expanded to include new features such as the Geis Digital Archive.

The RCSB Protein Data Bank: integrative view of protein, gene and 3D structural information
Peter W. Rose, Andreas Prlic, Ali Altunkaya, Chunxiao Bi, Anthony R. Bradley, Cole H. Christie, Luigi Di Costanzo, Jose M. Duarte, Shuchismita Dutta, Zukang Feng, Rachel Kramer Green, David S. Goodsell, Brian Hudson, Tara Kalro, Robert Lowe, Ezra Peisach, Christopher Randle, Alexander S. Rose, Chenghua Shao, Yi-Ping Tao, Yana Valasatava, Maria Voigt, John D. Westbrook, Jesse Woo, Huangwang Yang, Jasmine Y. Young, Christine Zardecki, Helen M. Berman, and Stephen K. Burley
Nucleic Acids Research(04 January 2017) 45 (D1): D271-D281 doi:10.1093/nar/gkw1000

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