Biocuration 2017 Events


The 10th International Biocuration Conference will be held at Stanford University, Palo Alto California, USA on March 26-29, 2017.

More than twenty years ago, while still a graduate student, John recognized the importance of a well-defined data model for ensuring the delivery of high quality and reliable data to the user community.

He was the principal architect of the PDBx/mmCIF data representation for biological macromolecular data. It is based on a simple, context-free grammar free of column width limitations. Data are presented in either key-value or tabular form. All relationships between common data items (e.g., atom and residue identifiers) are explicitly documented within the PDBx Exchange Dictionary. This permits software applications to evaluate and validate referential integrity with any PDB entry. The current PDBx/mmCIF dictionary contains over 4000 definitions for the experiments involved in macromolecular structure determination and descriptions of the models themselves. This dictionary is the basis for the all deposition and annotation procedures used by the wwPDB and is the Master Format for the PDB archive. John also established the Chemical Component Dictionary to maintain and distribute small molecule chemical reference data in the PDB.

In his award lecture at this year's meeting, John will describe his Perspectives on the Evolution of the Data Architecture.

In addition, Jasmine Young will present a poster on the Biocuration of Experimentally-Determined 3D Macromolecular Structures and their Complexes at the wwPDB. wwPDB Biocurators were recently highlighted in a Cell Press Cross Talk blog post entitled OneDep is a step in the right direction.

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