New Poster: Virus Structures


New Poster: Virus Structures.
New Poster: Virus Structures.

Learn about polyhedral, helical, complex, and enveloped viruses with examples drawn at approximately 900,000x magnification with a new poster that focuses on the shapes and sizes of different virus structures.

Structures from the feline distemper virus to mimivirus are highlighted.

This Virus Structures (PDF) flyer joins other posters that illustrate The Structural Biology of HIV, How Do Drugs Work, Molecular Machinery, the Ribosome, and Toll-like Receptors. Download them all from PDB-101.

PDB-101 also offers virus-related lesson plans and a template to fold a model of the dengue virus.

Virus Structures was created by the RCSB PDB and the EMDataBank.

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