RCSB PDB Mobile for iOS and Android


RCSB PDB Mobile is a universal app that enables the general public, researchers and scholars to search the PDB and visualize protein structures over a WiFi or cellular data connection.

Freely available for the iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android (2.3.3 and above), RCSB PDB Mobile can be used to search the entire PDB database, view the latest released structures, access  MyPDB accounts, and view the entire catalog of Molecule of the Month articles.

Interactive 3D visualization utilizes the program NDKMol (courtesy of Dr. Takanori Nakane, Kyoto University). Interactively view a molecule from by entering a PDB ID or launching the viewer from the search results. These views can be saved as images.

Different views are available. By default, the viewer displays macromolecules as ribbons, and small molecules as sticks.  These settings can be changed (using the "more" option on Android and "settings" on iOS) to highlight different features, with options to change:

  • Style of proteins, nucleic acids, and ligands
  • Ribbon color
  • Views of asymmetric unit, biological assembly, and crystal packing

RCSB PDB Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google play.

Changing display options on iOS

Changing display options on Android

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