2016 ISMB Conference


Meet RCSB team members at a variety of events surrounding the 2016 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Conference in Orlando, Florida (July 8-12).


Alex Rose will describe Scalable 3D molecular graphics on the web during the presentations. During the Poster/Laptop session, Anthony Bradley will demonstrate Small, fast and useful - MMTF a new paradigm in macromolecular data transmission and Jose Duarte will discuss Automated finding of assemblies in protein crystal structures.

Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC)

Peter Rose will discuss PDB on steroids-compressive structural bioinformatics during the presentations and the poster session.


Director Emerita Helen M. Berman will be recognized as a member of the 2016 Class of ISCB Fellows.

On the evenings of July 8-11, Anthony Bradley, Jose Duarte, Alex Rose, and Peter Rose will serve as mentors at the NCBI-RCSB PDB-ICSB Sequence-Structure Hackathon.

In the poster session, Jose Duarte will present RCSB Protein Data Bank: Views of structural biology for basic and applied research and Peter Rose will demonstrate Scalable Analysis and Visualization of Large 3D Macromolecular Complexes.

In a special session on Compressive Omics: Making Big Data Manageable through Data Compression, Compressive Structural Bioinformatics: High Efficiency 3D Structure Compression will be described by Peter Rose.

Peter will also present Integrating 3D Structure with Protein, Gene, and Validation Information at the RCSB PDB during the Technology Track session.

At the end of the meeting, the RCSB PDB Poster Prize will be awarded to the best student poster related to structure and function.

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