Curated Files for 3D Printing

05/10 PDB101 News


A new model for 3D printing of serum album is available for download. The PDB structure 1e7i has as 7 molecules of stearic acid in different sites. When creating the model, the ligands were removed, and hollow tunnels were modeled at the ligand interaction sites. These tunnels can accommodate insertable small parts that will represent the small molecules.

A related lesson plan on Carrying Cargo: Exploring non-covalent interactions between proteins and small molecules in blood transport is also available.

PDB-101's curated collection of files for 3D printing models also includes alpha-amylase, ferritin, GFP, and hemoglobin. Each 3D model file highlights a special feature of the molecule and its function. Suggested modeling additions, such as making heme molecules, can help tell a molecular story.

An overview is provided to start to create models for any PDB structure.

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