BioJava 4.0.0 Released


BioJava is an open source project dedicated to providing a Java framework for processing biological data. It provides analytical and statistical routines, parsers for common file formats, reference implementations of popular algorithms, and support manipulation of sequences and 3D structures.

Through BioJava, RCSB PDB releases algorithms and file parsers used at, including algorithms used in the protein Comparison Tool, some of the tracks of the Protein Feature View, and the algorithm for detecting symmetry in biological assemblies.

BioJava also contains a reference implementation for parsing and processing PDBx/mmCIF format data files.

A BioJava tutorial is available to help  facilitate rapid application development for bioinformatics.

BioJava: an open-source framework for bioinformatics in 2012.
Bioinformatics (2012) 28: 2693-2695.

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