Download Batches of Data


The new Download Tool can be used to download multiple structure, experimental data (structure factors, NMR restraints), sequence, and ligand files in various file formats in uncompressed and compressed (gzipped) form.

Large structures without PDB-formatted files can be downloaded in PDBx/mmCIF format.  Selecting the PDB file format option for large structures will return compressed archive files (tar.gz) containing collections of minimal/best effort files in PDB format.

The Download Tool can also be used to download FASTA sequence files and SDF ligand files, with an option to download these data for the entire archive.

This tool replaces our earlier Download Applet and requires an up-to-date Java installation (Take the Browser Compatibility Test). The Download Tool is launched as a stand-alone application from the RCSB PDB website using the Java Web Start protocol.

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