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The feature story in the May issue of Drug Discovery Today is by John D. Westbrook, Rose Soskind, Brian P. Hudson and Stephen K. Burley. The authors outline how open access to 3D macromolecular structure information managed by the Protein Data Bank facilitated discovery and development of >90% of new antineoplastic agents approved by the FDA 2010–2018.

Impact of the Protein Data Bank on antineoplastic approvals (2020) Drug Discovery Today 25:837-850 doi: 10.1016/j.drudis.2020.02.002

RCSB PDB News ImageCover art by Maria Voigt, RCSB PDB
RCSB PDB News ImageThe cover image shows pill bottles for each of the 54 new oncology Low Molecular Weight NMEs approved 2010-2018 and vials for each of the 25 new oncology Biologic NMEs approved 2010-2018.

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