Award-Winning Image

10/06 PDB101 News


This image of RNA Polymerase by RCSB PDB's Maria Voigt was selected as a national finalist in the 2019 Wiki Science Competition in the United States. The jury selected 36 finalists across six categories from 1,144 submissions.

RNA polymerase (purple) is a complex enzyme at the heart of transcription. During this process, the enzyme unwinds the DNA double helix and uses one strand (darker orange) as a template to create the single-stranded messenger RNA (green), later used by ribosomes for protein synthesis. From the RNA polymerase II elongation complex of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (PDB Structure 1i6h) as seen in PDB-101's What is a Protein? series.

This image, one of PDB-101's award-winning creations, is available for download as part of the Poster Collection.

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